Install Error Message: File is corrupt and should be placed in the trash

When installing Muséik on your hard drive you may get an install error message that says the files are corrupt and should be placed in the trash. To fix this, go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy. Click “Allow apps downloaded from anywhere.” You may need to first unlock the settings using the padlock icon in the lower left corner. Return to the installation process and complete the install.

In OSX 10.12.1 and newer versions the option to "allow downloads from anywhere" has been removed by Apple. To get this option back follow these steps:

* Open Terminal. (Go to Finder / Applications / Utilities / Terminal)

* Copy this line of code into Terminal:    sudo spctl --master-disable

* Hit return. Now Gatekeeper will be disabled and the "allow downloads from anywhere" option should appear in the Security & Privacy screen.

* If not, type "killall Finder" into a new line in Terminal and hit return. This will force a reboot of the Finder.